30 May 2021 Prayer Request

30 May 2021 Prayer Request

30 May 2021 Prayer Request

Hey y’all here is a complete list of 30 May 2021 prayer request submissions:

Prayer Submissions

  • Prayers that my sister’s baby in the NICU gets to go home w/ mommy & daddy this week.

  • Trust and understanding for what God has for me.

  • That I would have peace at the workplace.

  • My pregnancy

  • To learn how to love those around me better and have patience this summer.

  • Healing for my body

  • My marriage

  • Please pray healing for my Grandma who is recovering from hip replacement surgery.

  • Pray that I follow the Holy Spirit’s direction; I want to trust God not me

  • Please pray for us to have twins. Been trying for second baby for two years.

  • PTSD

  • Healing and peace

  • Healing and remission

  • Sadness, guilt, desire of serving God leaving along with hope and faith

  • Healing

  • Need a job

  • God grant me strength from anxiety

  • My son who is healing from brain surgery and is having some obstacles. Restore and heal.

  • Pray I just stop and take time to LISTEN

  • For my marriage and family

  • My church has a women’s retreat Saturday - praying for all hearts attending be renewed.

  • That I would be faithful in prayer for my family and my enemies.

  • That all test results come back negative!

  • Prayer for my family, relationship, children, I’m starting a new job, and health!

  • Healing from surgery

  • Progress and faith

  • Continued fears over this virus/pandemic

  • Pray we find a house we love and that we are making the right decision, please.

  • Prayer that I remain anchored in the Lord. No more laziness!!

  • For a new job

  • Continue in my recovery. Relapse after 2 strong years

  • Anxiety

  • Husband and I been trying to get pregnant for 2 years

  • Securing better opportunities & staying focused on His plan.

  • Dedication to time with God

  • For peace and contentment in all situations God has handed our family during this last year

  • Lost my brother and depressed

  • For a job

  • Deliverance

  • A career and Biblical foundation on my marriage

  • Physical healing

  • My prayer life.

  • To be realigned with GOD’S will

  • Our family’s decisions...moving etc….anxiety

  • I’ve been having chest pain

  • Healing and finances. We are waiting on a miracle

  • Prayers for my fiance and I to have ourselves be ready to be joined as one together.

  • Pray for my sick wife. Pray for a friend of mine, he tried to commit suicide last week.

  • A healthy pregnancy

  • Discipline and confidence. I started a PhD program and I am nervous about balancing time.

  • Healthy, safety, and blessings over my family and friends.

  • Praying for baby #2. Been trying for 6 months

  • Four our country

  • Looking for a new job

  • A job opportunity became available, pray for God’s will to be done!

  • My husband’s mental health

  • I want to find peace in my living situation

  • Peace, Trust, Patience

  • Prayers for clarity and direction from God on a major project. Also for him to open doors

  • Frustration and lack of patience

  • Son’s sobriety

  • To help us with our business and financial needs. God is our only power.

  • That I continue to allow God to lead me in ALL things. Faith over feelings.

  • Closeness with God. Making time for him first in my life.

  • Mom’s surgery to allow her to swallow, but also digest, properly

  • Soften my son’s heart towards God and bring him back to salvation.

  • Favor for the upcoming summer semester

  • Post Covid has affected my body in an awful way. Seeing a specialist soon

  • Peace

  • For clarity and understanding

  • Olympic trials. Lots of pressure

  • I broke up with my boyfriend for good and I've been suffering from depression in silence

  • Healing from postpartum depression.

  • My son’s 9 year old cousin who is battling leukemia and not doing well right now.

  • My son is struggling to met his milestones and in almost 1 y/o

  • Pray for my uncle to recover off life support

  • My husband is having an emergency surgery today.

  • For my sister who is dealing with a difficult marriage…

  • Pray that our Lord continues to help me with my fears and anxiety in Jesus name

  • Progress to completion of writing my book. For doors of opportunity to open in my career.

  • Pray for my clarity.

  • Wisdom

  • Praying for pregnancy

  • I need a new car

  • I’m a single mom getting ready to move kids & myself to a new state. We need to find a house

  • Pray my husband and others arrive safely from their deployment

  • Guidance on relocating when my lease is up in August.

  • Clarity and patience

  • My pregnant sister and her boyfriend. They are not on good terms.

  • For a job for my son.

  • Pray for my family, my friends, and for myself.

  • In need of the Lord’s help to pass my state exam

  • The country of Haiti currently in a state of turmoil and such danger

  • Dad passed away on Wednesday

  • Praying for my mind to be stronger than my emotions

  • Embracing my worth.

  • For my family to travel in to NY safely from Florida

  • Pray for those who don’t know Jesus yet, and those of us who are struggling with our faith.

  • To quickly find another job since my last one ended

  • I give Grace to others and myself

  • My wedding is Thursday. Pray for a healthy Godly marriage please.

  • Prayers that the Lord will bring me my Boaz. It’s slim pickings out here.

  • For my husband to be the provider, protector, and leader of our home and to instill we should be more like Christ

  • That my daughter’s summer/fall tuition be paid

  • Depression and suicidal thoughts

  • Pray for courage and positivity

  • A job and peace

  • Clarity

  • Holy Spirit

  • Financial success, self motivation and a husband

  • Health

  • I want to be a Boaz to special woman

  • That I find a job and pass my summer classes

  • Ending a toxic and abusive relationship

  • That I can find a safe new place to live and afford a car; I’m moving to a new area.

  • Healing & protection

  • My Mom and I’s health please

  • My documentary project

  • Guidance, abundance, breakthrough, new doors opening, open to love

  • That God will open a door for me a new job

  • My husband’s back aching/finances/anxiety

  • Lost my dad earlier this month. I need peace and understanding.

  • Strength in the struggle

  • Healing

  • Patience

  • That I get out everyday and bike. I’ve got to get healthy

  • Read my Bible

  • Pray for my children ministry that is growing day by day

  • Pray for a great last week of school, travels, and possible job changes

  • Help me be able to deal with what comes my way.

  • Can you pray that my Grammy gets her sleep schedule on track. Her name is Barbara

  • Pray for my patience and humility

  • Continue to strengthen my relationship with the Lord

  • To heal my relationship with the man I love so we can have a second chance at life together

  • Infertility. It weighs heavy

  • That we can save lives/ souls for God. We’re too deep in materialistics this day and age.

  • Prayers for healing. Have had ringing in my ears for 7 months after covid. Prayers for silence.

  • Me, my new job, and my friend Nina, that God saves her, before it’s too late.

  • Guidance, restoration, obedience

  • Financial freedom

  • Weight loss and motivation in everyday life

  • For my children

  • That we find a home

  • Pray that God removes jealousy and bitterness that tends to creep into my heart at times.

  • Good health, peace, and daughter comes home

  • For strength, hope, and kindness

  • Struggling with body image on vacation

  • Pray I can forgive as God does

  • A dear friend needs healing from cancer

  • Today is the one year anniversary of my grandmother’s death. Please pray for comfort and strength for us

  • I need some direction business wise

  • Depression, new job

  • Reconnecting with Jesus

  • Healing
  • Pray God reveals my Boaz. I just prayed on this last night!

  • Please pray for my brother

  • For revival among the nations and my family

  • Still need body health healing and healing for Cindy, my friend

  • My daughter is in the hospital, admitted yesterday. She’s six. Fighting a genetic liver disease.

  • Not to feed into distractions

  • Perseverance

  • Pray that my friend, brother, and sis in law come to know Jesus

  • My son and his addictive attitude

  • I need to get rid of this anger. I need and WANT peace.

  • For me to get rid of this anxiety that takes over my mind and body.

  • That God gives me strength, clarity, and drive to accomplish what needs to be done

  • To stop being lukewarm and give all in to the king of kings. Ready for radical change

  • Healthy pregnancy

  • To serve with love and kindness and to tame my mouth

  • Taking the first part of the GACE on the 14th...by the way, I passed the other part

  • Get closer to God

  • For family safety and security

  • Financial stress of losing my home

  • My mom’s health

  • That God be closer to me than I’ve felt lately. And to reveal His will for my life. Guide my path.

  • Pray for peace

  • Health, guidance, and patience

  • Never going to jail again. Avoiding making wrongful mistakes no matter what!!!

  • Pray I get help with my rent

  • Career growth and a healthy relationship

  • Letting go of someone

  • Improve communication

  • Pray for me as my husband wants to move out of state. I am fearful of leaving my family and security.

  • Find peace

  • Pray for my strength with God and the success of my small business

  • Sound mind

  • My marriage restoration. We have a restraining order we need to restore

  • Pray for my strength with God and the success of my small business

  • Focus

  • My sister, who is mentally ill

  • Positive thoughts and Faith in Christ

  • On yesterday, my 2 month old grand baby passed away in her sleep. We a broken

  • Instruction, directions, and strategies

  • School starting this week

  • Pray for strength and humility in my marriage

  • Pray for officer Carlos Taylor to be healed & restored

  • For wisdom

  • My friend needs a kidney

  • My health and lungs

  • For the continuous health of my family and loves ones

  • Pray for strength and patience

  • To not give up on any obstacle ad to keep pushing because it does sometimes get hard

  • Healing from anxiety and fear of people. Also are having a difficulty hiring employees.

  • For my husband. Asking God to reveal him to him

  • Protection and health over me and my unborn baby. I’m very high risk

  • Discerning a call to Kenya

  • My anxiety as I take my summer college courses

  • Parents got Covid and were recently in bad accident so bodies already fighting a lot

  • Letting the peace of God reign in my life in all situations and circumstances

  • Deliver me from demons.

  • Courage, depression, finances, peace, favor, grace

  • My mama has a medical procedure on Tuesday that we are a little nervous about.

  • Wisdom and perseverance as I start my first business venture

  • Please send me a Buyer

  • My life...struggle with a lot

  • Direction, provisions, and favor

  • Recovery from Covid

  • Pray that we find a house so we can move

  • Strength

  • To faithfully read God’s word each day

  • Pray for my anxiety and having peace. God is so good! Always!

  • My mom and our relationship needs healing

  • Passing my exit exam in LPN school

  • Myself for healing

  • Family

  • That I will find my Boaz and the flood waters around my house will completely recede

  • Prayer for the strength of our relationship with Christ and more ways to love others

  • Releasing past traumas

  • For strength to preserve and for strong faith

  • Clarity

  • Praying my husband, boys, and I find a house in Southern California

  • Motivation to do things I need to do

  • Waiting on our second adoption and it’s getting really hard!!!

  • I ask for perseverance and wisdom. Renewal of my mind body and spirit

  • Peace of mind & perspective

  • Grandma healing in her body

  • Pray for discernment

  • Join me in prayer that I execute wisdom and skills for my upcoming professional exam.

  • Started a new business, praying I succeed

  • To keep a steadfast mindset in Christ

  • Please pray for my marriage

  • Thank you, Lord

  • Conceive, carry, and deliver a healthy baby

  • To focus and be stress free from everything

  • Help me retain all the information necessary to pass my accounting final

  • Please pray for uncle facing cancer in Jesus Mighty Name

  • Deeper heart after Jesus

  • Over the phone

  • For my girlfriend’s daughter and her

  • Summer classes have started and it’s already rough

  • Please pray I get called and get my 30 days in for union to employ

  • Need prayers as my family is trying to get preapproved for a house

  • Help and pray for a blessed week for me coming into my 18th birthday!

  • Building a closer relationship with God and figure out my calling

  • My uncle is in the hospital and has liver cancer and fluid on his lungs. Will you join us in prayer for healing

  • To get through my depression and anxiety without medication

  • For more opportunities & self confidence

  • My marriage

  • Healing

  • Getting labor induced this week

  • Healing, peace, comfort, joy in the hard/impossible times

  • Prayer for a newfound love for God that outshines any other desire!

  • Encouragement in my marriage

  • Please help me pray for my healing of my body

  • Letting go of a lover that I shouldn’t have

  • Get through an illness and help get my vision back

  • I lost my job. Before applying for other jobs, please pray for the Lord to give me wisdom

  • Give me strength for myself and my son starting a 2nd job to provide for my son and self

  • Help

  • Pray that God pushes me into my next level in my life and that I don’t quit on myself or my goal

  • That God will give the determination, knowledge, wisdom

  • To not be anxious

  • Deliverance from heartbreak

  • Pray my cousin wakes up and is moved out of ICU. Thx in advance

  • Family, direction in life, future husband, school/career

  • I’m grateful for everything God provides! I trust his plan!

  • Brother as he comes home from prison soon, mental, physical, & spiritual health & freedom

  • I am due with my second baby (daughter this time) on Tuesday

  • For my mother in laws health and healing

  • Reconcile my daughters with their parents

  • Peace in home. Peace of mind.


Let’s be a community that prays for one another and then let’s watch God show up and show out like he always does. Wanna add your prayer request to the list???

Feel free to drop your request in the comments. Don’t forget to come back and share your testimony with us too.

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