Couples Challenge

Couples Challenge

who initiated the first kiss?

who apologizes first after fights?

who is the funny one?

who is more sensitive?

who takes longer to get ready in the morning?

who is more stubborn?

who is grumpier in the morning?

who is the social butterfly?

who is the messy one?

who spends the most money?

who is more romantic?

who is the most patient?

who is the better cook?

who said I love you first?

who is the bigger baby when sick?

who looses their keys more?

who is the youngest?

who is the better driver?

who is more creative?

who is more of the disciplinarian for the kids?

who is the nicest?

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Please pray for my marriage… for the love and kindness to be restored. My healing and health from breast cancer and the multiple surgeries. My daughter as she is a teenager and dealing with allot of identity issues as well as stress from us at home. My son who has a trach and genetic disorder, may God heal his body that he can breathe on his own and produce sound and be able to walk. -Amen
Thank you

Yvette Barnett









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