Where is my package??? 🤔🤔🤔 USPS SHIPPING UPDATES

“Why has my package not shipped? Will I get my package by Christmas? My package still says that it is in pre-shipment and has not left your facility?”... These daunting questions are faced by several small businesses, including Beacon Threads, daily as we all navigate these extraordinary times and historical holiday season.

USPS has reported unprecedented package increases with the influx of mail and online holiday purchases that have been encouraged by COVID-19 and the global pandemic. It has been reported that a holiday shipping gridlock is delaying 6 million packages a day as an influx of mail and purchases are overwhelming the U.S. shipping system. Another 2.5 million packages are being picked up daily but are not reaching their destinations on time. Due to the large volume increase and limited worker availability due to COVID, there have been countless reports of shipping delays, tracking inaccuracies and tracking errors while trying to access shipment data on the USPS site. 


How does this affect you and Beacon Threads? 

As a business, we let love, honesty, humility and open communication lead the way as we desperately want you to receive the items you have purchased in a TIMELY manner. We are working closely with USPS to ensure that our orders are sent out following the 5-7 business day turnaround time as listed in our policy and assure you that we are doing our part. We are at the mercy of the USPS and rely on them to get packages to you all after their departure from our building to include scanning and delivery. Please see below our most common concerns and some facts in regards to shipping concerns:

  • Tracking information is NOT being updated for all packages and there are inaccuracies.
  • Some orders will show that the package is in “pre-shipment” status for long periods of time and waiting to be dropped off to the USPS by Beacon Threads when the package is in fact actually in transit but has not been scanned in by USPS. 
  • There have been several cases in which USPS isn’t updating tracking until the item is “Out For Delivery”. 
  • Some USPS sources have claimed inaccurate reporting of “Delivery Attempted”. The Postal Service logged 94.8 percent of packages through handheld barcode scanners that track an item’s progress through the mail system from receipt to delivery. But a Washington Post investigation in October found that postal workers and supervisors routinely falsify those scans — one of few package-related performance statistics the agency makes public — to boost performance statistics. If your package shows “Delivered” and you have not received it please check with your local postal office or any neighbors who may have picked up the package. 
  • While we wish we could guarantee your package will arrive prior to Christmas, we cannot guarantee a delivery date for you. We are at the mercy of the USPS and their scanning/shipment of items from delivery to receipt. 
  • We assure you that if you received a shipping notification/email from Beacon Threads, your package is in fact “in transit.” Beacon Threads does not update tracking information once it has been sent, the USPS scans and makes those updates as they are received and go through the delivery process. 
  • Commercial delivery services including Amazon, UPS and FedEx rely on the Postal Service for the “last mile” shipping of its packages to save money, or ensure delivery on Sundays or to rural areas. Those packages frequently end up in the same delivery trucks carrying other mail processed through the Postal Service, which could contribute to delays.
  • We at Beacon Threads will not report your package as “lost” with so many uncertainties in shipping time and delays. We encourage you to manage and track shipment on the USPS site until delivery. 
  • Can I get a refund or cancel my order ? Beacon Thread policy found here states that once an order has been completed, it cannot be canceled or refunded. However, if an item does not work out for you, we are always happy to offer store credit that will go toward your next order once your item has been returned. We allow for a 14 day exchange, but due to COVID we will extend that time frame. 
  • The distance between Baltimore, MD  (Where our headquarters are located) and your shipping destination does NOT play into the speed of your delivery. Several factors are dependent on the USPS sorting system at your local post office as well. 

We truly appreciate your support and business here at Beacon Threads. We do apologize for any inconveniences that this may have caused but assure you that we are doing everything that we can to ensure your packages get to you and that you enjoy your purchase. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding during this very difficult time. 

Reference Points: https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2020/12/15/postal-service-holiday-packages-delays/



Very Respectfully,
Brandon & Anita
Beacon Threads


  • Donna

    Ordered 11/27..still nothing. Very poor customer service..not offering refunds just sending links regarding the slow service. No repeat business from me. They don’t seem to care.

  • TJ

    Still patiently waiting as I ordered items in 12/5/20 ☹️

  • Taylor

    I ordered something December 4th, 2020 and still have no received it!

  • Tajuana Robinson Hinton

    I placed my order on Nov. 29th. This is very upsetting, considering the items were supposed to be gifts!! There’s no sense of urgency; an overwhelming lack of communication; and the feeling as if my purchase does not matter. Where’s the customer service and the attempt to retain and gain customers?

  • Cocoa Washington

    I have been patiently waiting for 3 months. At this point I would like a refund

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