God's Plans

God's Plans

God 1st - Beacon Threads God's Plan

Being children of God and keeping God 1st in everything we do affects our entire lives and the lives we interact with daily. We look to reflect God's Heart in sharing His word in our brand. The apparel we create is for ALL people, whether they attend church every Sunday or can quote just 1-2 scriptures. We treat everyone the same and view them the same; one of God's own. 

Imagine a brand that loves God and genuinely loves God's people, now imagine us Beacon Threads reaching and sharing His love to everyone we touch. Children bring smiles to our faces everyday when we see them repping these faith-based tees that represents the most high. We wish that all of God's children will be able to witness this apparel and bless another soul in the process. 

God's Plan - Beacon Threads God 1st

Quality is extremely important for us in our apparel. American Apparel Tees allow for us to deliver indisputable quality and fit. Our shirts are made to last with style and industry standard materials. We create clean design that reaches a bold believing audience. Our style is edgy, however soft enough the sweetest little one can wear it out to a special event. 

Now, now all that being said our commitment is to represent the kingdom in quality, style, and God's love. Sharing the good news is our 1st priority. 
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I am a teacher and one day I was at work and feeling low. My son was being bullied and I had given up with trying to get his school to do something about it. I was praying for his mental state and in that prayer I said, “take your hand off of him Satan, he is a child of God!” Nor even one minute later my student walked up to me with “ a child of God “ shirt on!!!! I felt for the first time that someone was listening to my plea. I suddenly had hope and my faith was renewed. God bless you for creating a company that will bless people every where!

Chanda Covington

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