Beacon Threads Works With You In Mind

We Definitely are looking for new ways to make your experiences better.

Real People Serving A Real God

I assume the reason you are here is because you have the inkling to represent something greater than you. We are constantly in search for ways to better ourselves and help other while doing so.

We are created to serve. We want those who see us to also see Him in us.  

Our mission is simple in that we want the best for everyone around us and receive His new mercies. So we hope to use this platform, online, on social media, via email, you name it, we just hope to be present and part of the conversation.

What You Should Know

While our story is still developing, we believe it is one worth sharing now so you know who you’re dealing with. Hopefully you see us as individuals with a desire to be leaders as a brand who pushes faith in fashion, in lifestyles, in relationships, and in families.

We are REAL people serving a REAL God.

Without Direction

Our brand started out to appeal children’s apparel, however, it was a strong focus on pop culture and hip-hop. So it was highly favorable however, to stay on trend and relate with vast range of hip-hop/ rap culture was quite a task. It’s a subject matter where one day something is totally “in” and then a season later it switches.

However, what we found to be most frustrating was the, “deep connection” to the fans of the music and lifestyle. As we get older our taste changes and certain trending terms and slang didn’t resonate with us, or at least not enough not to put on our kids.

We had a great idea just no, “true” love. So that made us do some soul searching.

The Vision

Our search was easy, Anita a PK (Pastor’s Kid) where she was involved in the church and me growing up admiring my grandfather and his deep connection to the church and community, led us to what is now called Beacon Threads. A company based on Bold, Faith and Apparel, which defined our willingness to serve God and the community.

It was in us the entire time. Our God was and still is present.

This was our opportunity to create a brand where God was the focus and we represent Him in a cool way. God, God’s people, and Design, everything we love in one brand.

The Brand Today

Our brand shaped from kid’s apparel to the all God’s people wearing the faith.

This is where we shine, this is where we are put to the test for an everlasting cause for every man, woman and child. With just a shirt we are changing the persons who buy, to the people who witness it. We take this seriously over here at the Beacon House. We believe He is trusting us to give the best quality products and services that would represent His Kingdom well.

We are out here to serve, have some fun, and look good at the same time.