15 September Prayer Request Submissions

Hey y’all here is a complete list of 15 September 2019 prayer request submissions:

Prayer Submissions

  • Health and healing.

  • For motivation and consistency in my weight loss/better health/good financial stewardship journeys!

  • Letting go of the past and embracing the present with joy and happiness.

  • I start a new job Monday 9/16, please pray for the Holy Spirit to surround me and guide in all.

  • That I will trust God more and more with all my recent career changes.

  • College & work! Lord, let me not worry and get the task done for both.

  • Trust in God for His timing to meet the man I will marry

  • Going through some serious soul healing. It hurts. But, the best is yet to come.

  • Help to be able to work a job.

  • My internal peace be restored

  • Wisdom.

  • My purpose.

  • Pray for my blog. I have been trying so hard to get sponsored post and I have had no luck.

  • Finances, husband, salvation.

  • Financial blessing.

  • I pass my nursing examine Wednesday.

  • We are going against the school district for dropping our son at school #teamkorey.

  • More wisdom.

  • My husband’s interview. Praying it goes well and he gets the job!

  • Plz touch & agree with me that I ace this final interview.

  • To get the job I interviewed for last week.

  • New doors open, love life, health, family.

  • For my student loan to be paid off in full. To have financial breakthrough.

  • Please pray that my family comes back together again.

  • Pray for a new (used) car and higher paying job for my fiance and an expense free wedding.

  • Having a cancer scare. Praying it is just a scare.

  • Understanding.

  • That the truth will present itself.


Let’s be a community that prays for one another and then let’s watch God show up and show out like he always does. Wanna add your prayer request to the list???

Feel free to drop your request in the comments. Don’t forget to come back and share your testimony with us too.

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