31 March - Prayer Request Submissions

31 March Prayer Request Submissions

I’m excited to share the latest list of prayer request submissions we received last week with you...

Prayer Submissions

  • For Nipsey Hussle’s family

  • I pray for everyone to have God’s peace. And that you’ll find UNCONDITIONAL love

  • Prayer for fruit of the womb

  • Praying for those who I can’t be around right now because they are toxic

  • Prayer that God guides me so that I can help support my family

  • Prayer for the challenges I will face this year

  • Direction and provision

  • Pray for me that this upcoming week is amazing

  • Get back to putting God first and stop being negative

  • My sinuses for these spring allergies

  • A safe trip to Japan with my three year old son

  • Pregnant with our second son that is due in May. Praying he is born healthy and strong

  • Praying for a relationship restoration with my daughter

  • Prayer for the clarity and direction I need

  • Divine covenant friendships

  • My husband

  • Prayer for a well paying job and also promote my swimming talent beyond my expectations

  • Praying for my family and my boyfriend

  • My family and future family

  • Just please keep us in your prayers
  • I pray that my daughter does well in school

  • Prayer in my new business venture to help support my family in this time of need

  • Pray that I be refilled with the Holy Spirit

  • 13 yr old girl at church battling cancer

  • That I find happiness within and fix the hurtful things that resonate in my soul

  • Closer relationship with God

  • Pray that I stay focused and achieve my goals when I move to GA for college this summer

  • Praying for a new opportunity in another city with career growth potential

  • To break generational curses and have good financial health

  • Praying for my injury to heal so I can be fully healthy again

  • Praying that this dream becomes a reality

  • That I get this summer job that I applied for and the location of the job that I desire  

  • Praying for my friends marriage

  • All of my relationships and then when I break up with my boyfriend I’m at peace

  • My dad lost his beloved wedding ring, please pray it makes it’s way home

  • Praying for the neon green hats to come back in stock

  • Pray for me to stay strong and to be patient and wait on God with this situation I’m dealing with

Let’s be a community that prays for one another and then let’s watch God show up and show out like he always does. Wanna add your prayer request to the list??? Feel free to drop your request in the comments. Don’t forget to come back and share your testimony with us too.

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