7 April Prayer Request Submissions

7 April Prayer Request Submissions

Hey y’all here is a complete list of 7 April 2019 prayer request submissions:

Prayer Submissions

  • Safety of staff and inmates at my job CIM

  • For focus and drive to finish nursing school

  • Favor in my business, to meet my husband this year

  • A prayer for discernment when it comes to dating

  • For us to continue being good stewards over what God has blessed us to manage

  • Pray for wisdom strength and courage

  • Prayer for better understanding of the Word and faithfulness

  • For my relationship, for peace, for continued favor

  • That I’ll have a much better job very soon and the panic attacks stop

  • My internal peace be restored

  • Prayer for this world to get to know God and submit themselves to him

  • Prayers that my beautiful 3 yr old would better listen and obey

  • Hours and eventually a benefited position at Kaiser Vacaville

  • Prayers for strength and clarity for my friend Nick

  • For my dad. That his heart be healed through this grieving process

  • Discernment, wisdom, and peace

  • Smooth process while house hunting

  • For my family as we struggle with the loss of a love one to suicide

  • Prayer for healing after a pregnancy loss and sickness

  • To release the pain of the past for good and see the beauty of tomorrow

  • That I get this building to expand my business

  • Increase on faith and direction

  • For my aunt battling cancer, my husband and I next big move and the kids taking the Staar
  • Prayer for study time and pass an exam I need to take as part of my goal at work

  • Financial increase

  • Lord fill me with the spirit to stay focus and do his will. Death to my flesh everyday. Help me to be slow to anger

  • For an 18 yr old in a coma. Accident driving home from church

  • Good health

  • Restoration with adult children & spouses. Help to find the right plumber

  • I went to a job interview on Friday, I pray that its for me

  • I need prayer for my friend and her family, specifically her mom that is not in the best health right now

  • My dad’s health after recovering from a heart attack

  • Strength and courage to become a mom-preneur cause I feel like it’s my calling but I’m scared

  • My friend and her family who lost her cousin yesterday

  • Pray for my Pastor’s wife (cancer)

  • Please pray that my family comes together again with lots of love

  • Praying that my boys and I finally get accepted into a new home that I’ve been working so hard for

  • For the man I love that is going through life changes. May he find himself and his peace

  • Provision for my daughter to attend the ministry school she wants to attend

  • For my pregnant wife, it’s been rough this time around

  • To get closer to God or to feel closer

  • Prayers for a family that just lost their baby boy

  • Be praying for tomorrow. I find out if I got the new position

  • Financial increase, and increase of Faith and an understanding on what my next steps are

Let’s be a community that prays for one another and then let’s watch God show up and show out like he always does. Wanna add your prayer request to the list??? Feel free to drop your request in the comments. Don’t forget to come back and share your testimony with us too.

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Son attempted suicide on 12/28/19 the healing has been overwhelming on both of us. I am so tired and weary.
Finances due to medical bills for sons admission aster attempted suicide.
Son to get more time off work to recover and heal. He is having panic attacks and unable to talk and body locks up.
Wisdom, strength and courage through life right now.
3/17 to have a good birthday and be able to celebrate with Gods favor






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