8 September Prayer Request Submissions

8 September Prayer Request Submissions

Hey y’all here is a complete list of 8 September 2019 prayer request submissions:

Prayer Submissions

  • Lately been feeling stuck in my job. Praying for clarity.

  • Giving me the strength to not let fear stop me for fighting for the women I want to marry

  • College and direction. I’m actually confused about what to do after I graduate lol

  • For my business to keep growing and thriving

  • My Ex to let go of needing control and allows Jesus to fully lead-he’s so close!

  • Job promotion, relationship/dating, and my children!

  • That I find a way to give god PUBLIC glory in my upcoming business!

  • Relationship/ new job opportunity

  • Pray that my father get the healing

  • My internal peace be restored

  • Lift my mom up in prayer as she begins chemotherapy after being diagnosed with breast

  • Financial increase

  • Spiritual discipline

  • New job opportunities!

  • Starting a business and figuring out my calling God has for me

  • Please pray 4 my sister who was diagnosed with ESRD at a young 46yrs old

  • Prayer that God gives me strength to face the storm

  • We have 2 babies

  • Full healing for hubby fighting stage 4 cancer (since 33yrs old, now 36)

  • To release the pain of the past for good and see the beauty of tomorrow

  • Normal pap and mammogram this month. Thk u so much

  • That my order will go through!

  • That the Lord will open doors for the next chapter in my life

  • We’re expecting!!!! Ahhhh I’m so excited!

  • For Abundance, Favor, Prosperity towards our Positive Lifestyle Clothing Brand

  • A breakthrough in my business.

  • That doors will be open

  • Marriage restoration
  • Safe, healthy, and fruitful pregnancy!!

  • For my daughter to succeed in school!

  • For a family member to end a relationship that isn’t good.

  • Please pray for this little girl named Eva (pronounced Ava) She sustained a TBI. #evalove

  • For healing with my Crohn’s disease and my new treatment be a success

  • Our dear friend - father and husband had been diagnosed with ALS - at age 27 healing

  • Guidance, clarity & serenity for myself & my son

  • That my relationship can grow stronger with God

  • My dad’s health after recovering from a heart attack

  • I am currently praying for a godly husband.

  • Prosperity for my new business & good health.

  • That God might show me how to end my panic attacks!

  • Open the employment door and save me a seat where you want me to be God!

  • My anxiety would be under control

  • Please pray for saving my marriage
  • Patient, self confidence, growth, doors opening, closer relationship with God

  • To know what my next step is where and what does God want me to do

  • To get closer to God or to feel closer

  • Prayers for a family that just lost their baby boy

  • My daughter is so sick with Lyme. For healing and recovery.

  • Meeee again… my health and my aunt who lives in the Bahamas

  • Staying focused and creating a business

  • Healing over my grieving heart and mind

  • Hedge of protection for my marriage, family and the human race

  • Healing

  • This relationship Im currently in the midst of it all!


Let’s be a community that prays for one another and then let’s watch God show up and show out like he always does. Wanna add your prayer request to the list???

Feel free to drop your request in the comments. Don’t forget to come back and share your testimony with us too.

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Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


Praying my daughter will be/stay cancer free and that any lasting effects or trauma from this journey will result in positive results.


Praying for clarity and wisdom

Shanice Turner

Praying and calming a new job. Went on a interview today 9/17/2019 I’m calming it Lord.

Chauncey Terriyah

I am seeking from god a new direction career wise. I have various ideas in mind, but not sure what direction to take. I’m waiting on God to show me. I need prayers to receive confirmation of what that might be. In addition, praying and prayers for a godly husband, that knows and loves the lord as much as I do. Please be in agreement with me. God Bless


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