Do We Have To Go To Church?

Do We Have To Go To Church?
Church Attendance In 2018

Once before there was no question on if Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings that you were going to be in the house of the Lord.

Image of church in session depicting a father with his daughter in the pews of the church.

Church was automatic. It was ingrained in our weekly routine (period).

Church was a place where a bunch of your friends from school would be, with their dress shoes, peppermint in mouth, vaseline shining heads and pretty hair twist with barrets in assorted colors.

Nowadays, churches lack attendance.

These days, some come religiously with bibles clutched in arm, some show up every now and then, some watch online, some just have Easter attendance, and there are many who think church is not for them, then there are a bunch who don’t even know Jesus.

“I ain't been to church in years and it ain't even far” - Big Krit

I love this line because it is so true. Oddly enough there are churches everywhere, sometimes minutes away, sometimes within walking distances. Then months and years pass without even getting near the parking lot.

“Less than 20 percent of Americans regularly attend church—half of what the pollsters report.” -

Why aren’t we attending church anymore?

I could bet this is the same question preachers and ministers face every week.

Picture of the bible displaying scriptures

I see a lot of christians quoting and posting scriptures online but very few in the pews. However, if you think about it deeply, everything is changing.  It’s a digital world now, with quick fixes and that includes religion.

For example in life:

  1. You can work from home.
  2. You can buy prepared dinners online.
  3. You can automate “I love you” gift cards to your Mama.
  4. You can answer the door to your house on your phone.
  5. You can earn a doctorates degree completely online.

Now, explain to me, “Why?...”:

  1. I have to get up
  2. I have to get dressed
  3. I have to fight traffic
  4. I have to deal with people
  5. I have to attend an hour - three hour service

This is either lazy christian hood or people don’t really believe anymore. I would argue that it’s a little bit of everything. Technology makes us a bit lazy, however, some of us have lost the purpose of religious structures in connecting with God. Some don’t believe in the structure in religion/church; the building, the gathering, the real/fake fellowship. These connections are no longer needed for one to connect to God for some christian mindsets.

Some see the complete opposite and there is a huge shift in the mega church and the small church.

The mega churches...

are getting members who are wanting the small church feel so these big budget churches are accommodating by being able to have small groups that provide ministries that fulfill the member’s need of inclusion, purpose and leadership. Yet, sometimes there is too much space given in the big churches in that you lose responsibility and lose connection and in turn lose purpose.

The small churches...

are able to give members the opportunities to lead and be in charge, giving members a sense of belonging and purpose. It comes at a cost, however, they often take on a whole lot more and in some cases so much that they want to leave.

Nowadays I’m sure there is a good argument out there, that one could find pure salvation completely online. I mean you can stream, download, subscribe and follow about anything you need in the church, or can you?

So, do we have to go to church?

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