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Sermon Notes

You get the best parts of my notes. This is from Pastor Lee P. Washington (we call him “Lee ‘POWER’ Washington). Sermon is titled “Made to Weather the Storm” which is timely for many reasons, one of them being cause we are currently buried in the snow. Anyway, I took so many notes bc this message really blessed my socks off and I hope they truly help and touch you too.

2 Corintians 4:8 image of sermon notes for today.

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 4:8

You may have hellish circumstances but you are a lot tougher than you think. God made you to weather the storm. You may be troubled but you have truth to offset your trouble.

When you have truth on the inside you know God is in control.

When you have truth on the inside you don’t have to bite your nails or worry/stress about anything.

When you have truth on the inside you don’t have to worry about trouble on the outside.

Evil is an expert of parading around like it has power but it only exist within the confines of Romans 8:28. God has the final say. Ultimately, in the end, you are going to win! We are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus!

There is no disappointment in God.

There is no disappointment in God’s plan.

There is no disappointment in His design, His power, or His Word.

Stop talking about it and go ahead and get victory over it!

What word did you walk away with today? What is God speaking to your heart in this season?

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Thank you for sharing your message notes! That is an awesome feature of this site. I didn’t even know excited. Praise God! The thing that spoke to me most was “There is no disappointment in God OR in His plan!” Evil only can move in the confines of Romans 8:28 (paraphrase), and I wanted to add, and within the confines of Isaiah 54:17; “No weapon formed against you shall prosper…”. God bless!! Amen.


Thanks for that message. I love how Beacon Threads incorporates the word into their merch webpage. It’s both great marketing of the merch and the word. I can’t wait to receive my cap in the mail!! Keep up the great work, it’s working:)


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