To Give in a New Way

Boom you just received your first order. Now what? You take a beautiful frame of your little cutie at the spot you been eying all week. So now your getting ready to post this amazing photo to Instagram knowing it will be shared everywhere. 

Proverbs 11:24-25 - The Generous One

Now right before you hit send take a moment and realize blessing you are about to give to someone else. 

These are the moments we go through each and every post we put out. Imagine touching a soul with a shot of your baby proclaiming the word of God? This vision is what drives us to want to reach another after another. 

Have you ever given someone your hard earned money and wanted to see where it went and how it's making a difference? Beacon Threads wants to give you that satisfaction, we want to deliver beautiful apparel to your doorstep, yet help someone who needs your help that has no door at all, or be a greeting gift at the doors of a hospital and nursing home. 

As I mentioned in previous post, that it goes further than the threads and cool designs. It's about touching lives and allowing others to see this love. 

Oh, yeah you can press send now, so that someone else can be a blessing as you were to them. 

Nevertheless please stay tuned to see how God leads us to better fulfill his vision and purpose. As the old folks say, "pray for me and I will pray for you". 

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